Purchase of Finasteride/Propecia

Where can I buy Propecia? Is magistral Finasteride efficient too?
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Propecia is not always easy to find. In Belgium, it is actually not available in a pharmacy. In France, however, we can find Propecia and Chibro-Proscar too. Some chemists demand a prescription, others do not.
If it is difficult to find the medicine, there is always a solution. Indeed, many magistral forms exist, they are as efficient as Propecia but are far cheaper.
There are tablets either of 5 mg or of 1 mg. By the way, it is easier to choose the second version.
Indeed, the 5 mg tablet has to be divided into five equal pieces, which is difficult to do. Moreover, patients tend to divide the tablet into four pieces of 1,25 mg. When the chemist prepares the tablets, every one of them contains 1 mg of Finasteride.
The various generic forms available on the market are: ACTAVIS, ALMUS, ALTER, ARROW, BIOGARAN, CRISTERS, EG standing for EUROGENERIC, ISOMED, MYLAN, PFIZER, QUALIMED, RANBAXY, RATIOPHARM, SANDOZ, TEVA, WINTHROP and ZYDUS. The average price is around 16 euros for 28 tablets of 5 mg, to which you have to add the making price to obtain 140 tablets of 1 mg.

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