First Consultation


During the face-to-face consultation with Dr Devroye, you will be explained the theory and the technique of hair transplant and a detailed analysis of your hair situation will be made. The respective densities of the donor and recipient areas will be measured with a micro camera in the room Dr Devroye uses to take pictures. At the end of the consultation, a detailed diagnostic of your hair situation will be made. The strategy to adopt will be discussed, on which Dr Devroye will base to draw his assessment.

A personalized analysis is also offered to patients who are unable to come to the clinic. They just need to click on the following link: Online consultation.

This analysis is only intended to give you an idea regarding the solutions you can consider in your case. However, it is always better to plan a consultation at the clinic.

The quality of the work to do depends on the strategy used. As the donor area for the hair transplant is limited, we need to manage carefully this capital and avoid any waste. It is necessary to anticipate hair loss and not to act on a piecemeal basis, lagging behind hair loss.

An aesthetically pleasing result must stay so for the following years: every session must ideally be the last one. The result obtained must be self-sufficient and should not force the patient to undergo a second surgery.

All these parameters are assessed before the procedure and determine the specific case of each patient.

Unfortunately, too many people are treated without consideration of the aesthetics and strategy.


The consultations with Dr Devroye, that he assures personally, are free and last about 45 minutes. They take place in Brussels from Monday until Friday, between 5 and 7 pm, during the sessions of surgery. Please consult our diary to know the dates of our sessions and do not hesitate to contact us either by phone at the number +32 (0)2 880 70 60 or by email at the address if you want to fix an appointment.

You need to modify or cancel an appointment?

If you cannot make it, please contact us as soon as possible. This will allow us to offer your appointment to another patient on our waiting list.

We would be grateful if you could respect the date and time of your consultation. You do not need anything special on the day of your surgery. However, if you consider that a document is important, feel free to show it to Dr Devroye (blood test results, for example).