1st case: 3012 FUT for one of my technicians

Age: 26
Date: 16/01/2015
Technique: FUT
Number of grafts: 3012
Number of hairs: 5506
1h: 829 2h: 1874 3h: 307 4h: 2

One of my technicians complained since a long time about her big forehead with a distance of her temporal limits. Sharon is 26 years old and her problem began 8 years ago.
The 16.01.2015 a patient cancelled his surgery and we performed the FUT.
The high number of single is indicated in that kind of situation because we absolutely have to obtain a very fluid aspect on the first lines of the graft. We can only get it with the use of the grafts of 1 hair.
The regrowth was immediate, that's why the result is already very encouraging and very natural just 5 months after the surgery.

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