7th case: 2751 FUT

Age: 30
Date: 2nd September 2014
Technique: FUT
Number of grafts: 2751
Number of hairs: 5623
1h: 577 2h: 1532 3h: 586 4h: 56

Since a few years, this patient of 30 years old was in a quite stable situation. We can see the space he wanted to cover on his anterior area with a high forehead syndrome. The hair was thin, he had half-length hair and wanted a FUT.
It is interesting to notice the changing of the texture that is well visible after 7 months post-op. The hair is a bit thicker and the texture is also frizzy.
Fortunately, for the next months the hair will get back their normal structure. The phenomenon is very common by women, less by men but is often disappointing for the patient.
Then, the patient has to wait, sometimes for a while … and the return to the normal is almost always there.
The density obtained on the anterior area could be increased, it will be realized in a few months when we'll perform a FUE.

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