12th case: 3618 FUE

Age: 32
Date: 18th and 19th November 2013
Technique: FUE
Number of grafts: 3618
Number of hairs: 7615
Day 1 - 1h: 240 2h: 30 3h: 2260 = 2530 grafts for 5196 hairs
Day 2 - 1h: 173 2h: 547 3h: 323 4h: 42 5h: 3 = 1088 grafts for 2419 hairs

Here is a very interesting example of FUE.
As we can see on the pictures, the area to graft was wide, and the patient wanted to cover the frontal area as well as the crown area.
As the entire area was wide it was almost impossible to cover it in one intervention. So, we have decided to subdivide the surgery in two parts: the anterior area and then the posterior area.
Also, the patient was aware that with his situation he would probably have to come back for another surgery in the years forward.
The result is excellent.
Nevertheless, we can see clearly that the non-grafted interim area is already less thick than the grafted areas. So, we will do something with a new limited intervention in a few months.
It is a typical example of what we can obtain beginning with an empty area with a limited number of grafts.

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