13th case: 3643 FUT - transgender patient

Date: 4th July 2012
Technique: FUT
Number of grafts: 3643
Number of hairs: 8492
1h: 596 2h: 1555 3h: 1182 4h: 310

That's the kind of work I love doing.
There are many reasons why. First of all because it is challenging, you have to move from a male appearance to a female appearance. The anterior line has to be traced very carefully. It is very important to obtain a very natural result, very thin.
Also, most of time you have to graft areas completely bald and obtain in only one session a big density. You can obtain it with a dense packing.
The big advantage is that generally when a transsexual patient uses female hormones it completely stops the hair loss.
This patient is very grateful with the result obtained. Indeed, the hair highly contributes to the appearance. It is a one of its main component.
This patient came with a typical female pattern.

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