36th case: 3612 FUT and 2258 FUT

Age: 46
Date: 27/01/2010
Technique: FUT
Number of grafts: 3612
Number of hairs: 8752
1h: 532 2h: 1496 3h: 1149 4h: 428 5h: 7

Age: 47
Date: 20/12/2010
Technique: FUT
Areas: Crown, Anterior
Number of grafts: 2258
Number of hairs: 5342
1h: 281 2h: 1014 3h: 773 4h: 190

It was hard for this 47-year-old patient to assume his baldness, and he thought a lot about performing a hair transplant. He wanted to cover the whole scalp.
His expectations were reasonable in terms of density. He most of all wanted a natural aspect of the transplant.
The first surgery then took place on 27th January 2010. During the consultation, we had decided to proceed to a FUT asmap in the anterior area first. We could reach 3612 grafts for 8752 hairs thanks to a very good laxity of the donor area.
The second surgery took place on 20th December 2010, that is to say eleven months after the first one. This time we concentrated on the crown.
The pictures show the very natural result we could reach thanks to both surgeries.

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