42th case: 3178 FUE in two days

Age: 42
Date: 25th et 26th August 2015
Technique: FUE
Number of grafts: 3178
Number of hairs: 7879
Day 1 - 1h: 125 2h: 559 3h: 755 4h: 196 = 1635 grafts for 4292 hairs
Day 2 - 1h: 255 2h: 641 3h: 538 4h: 109 = 1543 grafts for 3587 hairs

This 42-years-old patient received 3178 grafts FUE in two days.
We have decided to fill in the biggest area possible beginning with the front hairline until the area of the crown. Only a small part of the crown has not been covered.
It is a perfect example to show how to have a good coverage with a limited number of grafts.
My aim is often the following one: cover a maximal area with a density maybe not maximal but optimum.

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