Your stay

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Your Stay

The clinic has been designed so that you not only receive the very best care, but also the very best comfort. Rooms equipped with a shower room and WC are at your disposal, giving you complete independence, with access via a swipe card.

For the patients living in Belgium, we offer a pre-operative consultation on the day before your procedure to finalise the details directly with Dr Devroye. The consultation might also take place on the day of your surgery. The pre-operative consultation is mandatory for all patients who have not had a consultation in the two months prior to the procedure.

On the day of your procedure, we ask you to arrive at the clinic at 8 am and you can go home the same evening. However, you cannot drive after the procedure. It is therefore vital that you organise your return journey in advance. If you would like to stay overnight in Brussels, we can help you book your hotel or even accommodate you at the clinic.

For the patients living abroad, your stay in Brussels will usually last three or four days, depending on the type of procedure planned. We ask patients travelling from abroad to arrive in Brussels the day before the procedure and they can go home the day after.

The procedure normally lasts all day (for a FUT procedure or for a one-day FUE procedure), or two days for a FUE procedure involving a high number of grafts (more than 2,000 grafts).

A preoperative consultation is usually booked for the day of your arrival, between 5 pm and 6 pm. If the surgery is scheduled for a Monday, the pre-operative consultation will automatically take place on the day of the procedure at 8 am, before starting the procedure.

The cost of the procedure includes one or two overnight stays at our clinic, depending on the availability of the rooms.

For further information, please contact us by email or by phone.

On the day of the procedure


The day begins at 8 am.

Dr Devroye and an assistant will greet you personally.

You will have your own changing room

where you can put on your surgical gown. You must read and sign the consent form provided.

Dr Devroye will then take pre-operative photos

and draw the areas that will receive the transplants.

Before starting the procedure

Dr Devroye will explain what will happen during the operation, going over what the discussed strategy will involve.
The recipient area might possibly be shaved.

Beginning of the procedure

You will then be taken to the operating room, where a local anaesthetic will be administered.
The whole procedure takes between 8 and 10 hours, with a 30-minute break around lunchtime, during which you will be served a meal.

In late afternoon

you will receive postoperative instructions and the sprayer you will need to use overnight.
If you are staying at the clinic, we can provide you with an evening meal.

Going Home

A postoperative consultation is automatically scheduled for the day after your surgery. The time of the postoperative appointment is arranged directly with Dr Devroye on the day of your procedure.

Dr Devroye will answer all your questions and will give the green light for you to return home safely. You can therefore expect to return home after 9 am.

Postoperative consultations are always provided on a Saturday morning for patients whose procedure took place on the Friday.