FUE by women

Is it Recommended to Perform a FUE Hair Transplant by Women?
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FUE requires imperatively that we cut very short the hair from the donor area. To be able to extract the hair follicle, we actually need to introduce the top of the hair in the punch we use. Moreover, the classic technique – the FUT technique – for which we remove a strip, leaves a linear scar that is only visible when we have short hair.

For these two reasons, I consider it is not reasonable to perform a FUE by women. On the one hand, it is not advisable to shave a pretty wide area that will take a long time to grow back. On the other hand, the linear scar in the donor area is absolutely undetectable by most operated women. Personally, I systematically advise women against FUE when they ask for it. Only those who are scared by the surgical aspect of the FUT technique will exceptionally undergo a FUE.

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