Our clinic conforms to the latest standards and is equipped with the most effective equipment available on the market.

A high-quality treatment can take a long time. It is also essential to ensure an optimal level of comfort for both the patient and the medical team.

Sterilisation must be faultless. Our new autoclave sterilises instruments and conforms to the latest European standards. Thanks to its built-in printer, we can ensure traceability of our sterilisations.

Hair transplant practice requires a high degree of dexterity and precision. To achieve this, the equipment is of course essential. That is why we have always chosen to get equipped with the best materials and regularly adopt processes or equipment that improve our practice even further.

If you want to see clearly, you need of course the best optical systems. That is the reason why we have adopted the NIKON microscopes and ZEISS loops. All surgical steps, carried out either by Dr Devroye or his assistants, are systematically made by using these instruments, which contributes greatly to the quality of our work.

Dr Devroye has always devoted himself to the practice of various manual activities using matter such as wood, metal or copper. He naturally created and modified a range of systems or equipment designed to improve hair transplant practice.

He has achieved several innovations: USB micro camera, modification of the cutting edge surgical, the cleaning graft system, the WOW FUE foot pedal or the WOW FUE punches. He also collaborated to the development of many software, such as HAIRMES or HAIR-TRANS.

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