Our clinic complies with the latest standards and is equipped with the most advanced equipment available on the market.


The latest technological innovation created by Dr. Devroye in 2022

Wired & Wireless

Wired or wireless control.

New FUE pedal

For highly precise FUE work.

Dedicated tablet

To pilot the handpiece with finesse, meticulousness and conciseness.

Hybrid Tornado Punch

Our punch helps achieve better FUE graft quality


Hybrid punch was invented in 2016 by Jean Devroye. It is a blend of cutting and non-cutting punch.


It stands out and is recognized worldwide as having the lowest transection rate.

Medical recognition

It has been adopted by the world's leading surgeons.

The duration of a quality operation is often long. That's why it's essential to ensure optimum comfort for both patient and medical team.

Sterilization must be perfect. Our latest-generation autoclave sterilizes instruments in compliance with current European standards. In addition, labels printed directly by the sterilizer ensure traceability of our sterilizations.

The practice of hair transplantation demands a high degree of dexterity and precision. To achieve this, instrumentation is obviously essential. That's why we've always chosen to equip ourselves with the very best materials, and regularly adopt procedures or instrumentation that further enhance our practice.

Microscopic surgery

To see well, you need the best optical systems. This is why we have adopted NIKON microscopes and ZEISS scopes. All surgical phases, whether performed by our doctors or their assistants, are systematically carried out using these magnifications, which greatly contribute to the quality of our work.

For as long as he can remember, Dr. Devroye has been involved in a wide range of manual activities using materials such as wood, metal and leather. So it's only natural that he should create and adapt a multitude of systems and instruments designed to improve the practice of hair transplantation.

His innovations include the USB micro-camera, the cutting edge surgical modification, the cleaning graft system, the WOW DUO FUE System and Hybrid Tornado Punch. He has also contributed to the development of numerous software programs, such as HAIRMES and HAIR-TRANS.


We offer an individual analysis and personalized strategy for each patient presenting an indication for hair transplantation.

​In addition to providing expert advice, we also make it possible to objectify the data by carrying out an in-depth trichoscopic examination using an innovative machine called Tricholab.

This machine allows us to exclude any dermatological lesion thanks to its camera equipped with a dermatoscopic magnifying glass, but also to make an estimate of :

  • The number of grafts required according to the desired density
  • The capacity of the donor region
  • Visual impact on the donor area

All these examinations provide comprehensive, personalized care to ensure optimal results.

Cutting Edge Surgical

He was involved in modifying the design of the cutting edge surgical device. Invented and developed by his colleagues and friends Dr. Hasson and Dr. Wong, this formidable device is designed to prepare blades for coronal slits. In his case, Dr. Devroye uses both coronal and sagittal slits, which is why he had to request a modification to the equipment - a modification that is now widely used by his colleagues.

Cleaning Graft System

Because grafts are delicate, care must be taken when cleaning them. That's what the cleaning graft system is all about: grafts are kept permanently in a preservative liquid, so that they can withstand the time they spend outside the body. This is a detour from the use of a tea filter, which has been in use since 2010 and has been widely distributed around the world. This latest innovation has already been adopted by leading practitioners in the field.

Individualized blood sampling

Hair loss can have many causes, not all of which are genetic. That's why we offer our patients a blood test to rule out, for example, possible deficiencies, thyroid pathologies or other hormonal disorders.

Genetic testing

Fagron's Trichotest enables genetic analysis to determine the characteristics of genes known to be involved in hair loss or androgenic alopecia. This analysis enables a detailed analysis of genes to predict your response/sensitivity to the various treatments available on the market today, by means of a simple smear test.


A true third hand, it enables FUE work to be carried out with the utmost precision, equivalent in every respect to pure manual work. It offers numerous advantages, and has contributed to raising the quality of FUE.

Dr Jerry Wong and Dr Ron Shapiro, to mention just the best known doctors, have adopted the WAW FUE pedal.

Flat Punches

After several trials and observations, Dr Devroye noted that it was essential to reduce the impact of sharp punches on the quality of the FUE grafts. Inspired by two types of punches used respectively by Dr John Cole and Dr James Harris, Dr Devroye developed his own set of punches, whose main characteristic is to reduce as much as possible the damage caused to the FUE grafts.