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 The HTS clinic is a benchmark for FUE hair transplantation.

For 25 years, at the initiative of Dr. Jean Devroye, who trained in the United States, the HTS clinic has been recognized as a benchmark in hair transplantation, both in terms of the quality of the procedure and the beauty of the hair transplants results. 

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FUE hair transplant : 

Benefits and advantages 

FUE hair transplantation offers several advantages for our patients: it creates no detectable scarring and allows surgeons to choose the best grafts. This hair transplant technique is more complicated than FUT, but gives better postoperative results.

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FUE vs. DHI: what's the difference?

It doesn't matter what hair transplantation methods are called. We always choose the best techniques, for all phases of the hair transplant procedure. We adapt to each patient's individual situation, in order to achieve the best possible hair or beard transplant results. What counts is the care and precision we bring to the whole operation, not the name some people give it to make them believe in the originality of the technique (DHI, Saphire etc...).

FUE hair transplantation has a more natural look

We respect a series of objective parameters for each of our operations: correct orientation of the grafts, use of single-hair grafts for the front hairline, irregular pattern: each result is unique.


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Each with their own specialties

10 Technicians

Specialized in the field of hair transplantation.

HTS Clinic is world-renowned in the field of FUE hair transplants.

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Our own technology

We use market-leading instrumentation created by Dr Jean Devroye


Ultra-low transections

btaining quality grafts is the key to a rich, natural hair transplant result.

Natural results

A successful graft must be undetectable. 

Introduction to FUE

25 years ago, hair surgeons were using 3 to 4 mm punches and the results were often not very aesthetic. In the last ten years, the cutting of hair grafts has slowly but surely replaced this technique. Since 1995, in order to avoid the linear scar, follicles are directly extracted from the scalp, using a micro punch of approximately 0.9 to 1.2 mm wide. This latest step forward in hair transplants is the so-called Follicular Unit Extraction technique. The technical difficulty involved is considerable, that is why appropriate instruments had to be developed to achieve these results.

Advantages of FUE

First of all, this technique leaves few if any scars (in the shape of minute white spots covered by hair) and the scarring process is quite fast: the strip of skin removed with the grafts will in fact grow back without any trace of the intervention. Second of all, the zone in which hair can be removed is larger than with the classic techniques. Third of all, body hairs can also be used, for example hairs removed from the torso or the thighs by men. Finally, we can also transplant grafts in a former scar linked very often to a previous transplant.

Disadvantages of FUE

The time in surgery is already quite long, but the skin quality will also facilitate or complicate the work. You should know that the average amount of grafts is limited to 1,800 and 2,000 FU per day in function of the degree of difficulty of the job and the surgeon’s dexterity. Patients must thus foresee several days of surgery to obtain the same result as a classic long session of 3,000 grafts in one day. Generally speaking, the donor area must be shaved, which can sometimes be an issue for certain patients.

 Who is FUE Transplant recommended for

Patients who like wearing their hair very short in the donor zone or who one day might consider shaving off all their hair.

- Patients who only require a small hair transplant, for example to hide the scar of a face lift or an eyebrow transplant.

- Patients having a poor donor area but having other hairy parts of their body whose hair can be used.

- Patients who wish to hide the scar of a previous FUT hair transplant.

- Sporty patients who cannot reduce their activity for a long time.


Most Asked Questions about FUE Hair Transplants

FUE for follicular unit excision is literally the latest version of hair transplantation. It was invented in Australia and has slowly but surely almost completely replaced the older FUT technique. It consists in cutting around the hair follicle.

Une extraction a l'aide d'un punch hybride est d'abord réalisée par le médecin, suivi par une extraction a l'aide de micro pinces par une assistant. Les petits trous créés ne sont pas fermés ni couverts. Ils se fermeront dès le lendemain de la greffe de cheveux.

How long does it take for FUE transplant to heal ?

Healing is quick: it takes just a few days for the operation to become difficult to see.

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