Hair transplant: which technique?

Hair Transplant: Which Technique?

The technique to prescribe for a hair transplant depends on the situation and the wishes of each patient. When a patient has short hair, or even shaves it, we will rather recommend him the FUE technique, for example, in order to avoid the linear scar of the FUT to be visible.

However, a patient who needs a large number of grafts and whose donor area permits it will, as far as he is concerned, be able to consider the FUT technique.

Another example: a patient whose donor area doesn’t have a good elasticity will hardly be able to choose the FUT technique as skin elasticity is essential if you don’t want the scar to get wider.

It sometimes happens that the donor area is not located at the back of the head – as it is usually the case. We can indeed extract grafts from the sideburns, from the chest or even from the beard – all places unavailable for the FUT.

Finally, the price is also a factor to make a choice between both techniques: the FUE is indeed more expensive than the FUT as the former takes more time.

Click here to access a comparative table that will enable you to know the differences between both techniques.

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