Propecia, finasteride, side effects: link between prostate cancer and finasteride?

Is there any link between prostate cancer and Finasteride intake?

Here is another good illustratrion of the way study results can be distorted and presented in another light. In 2003, a study on the daily intake of Proscar, or 5mg of Finasteride, show a decrease in the rate of prostate cancer by 25%, in comparison with a placebo group. However, it was observed that the percentage of patients with a severe prostate cancer was slightly higher in the treated group than in the placebo one (6.4 against 5.1%). However, the benefits of a treatment with Finasteride or Proscar are clearly favorable, which encouraged the American Society of Clinical Oncology and the American Urological Association to issue a recommendation regarding the prevention of the prostate cancer. They advise patients likely to develop a prostate cancer to take Proscar.

Let's be clear: Propecia (or Finasteride) does not induce prostate cancer. However, it reduces by half the blood level of PSA enzymes. Yet, this level is a mean to detect prostate cancer. During the screening exam, you should then make sure to tell your practitioner you take Finasteride.

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